10 new HTML5 tags you need to know about | TechRepublic

HTML5 brings a host of new elements and attributes to allow developers to make their documents more easily understood by other systems especially search engines!, display data more uniquely, and take on some of the load that has required complex JavaScript or browser plug-ins like Flash and Silverlight to handle. Here are 10 new items […]

Google Alerts – Monitor the Web for interesting new content

Google Alerts – Monitor the Web for interesting new content. This is a great tool for monitoring the web for your brand and other relevant information of interest. You can setup as many alerts as you want. Monitor your brand, follow trends, track news on specific topic. You can set the following: Type of result; […]

Pictaculous – A Color Palette Generator courtesy of MailChimp

Ever wanted to determine a color palette to go with a picture, logo or other artwork to assist you in designing a color scheme for brochures or website? this is the perfect tool – Pictaculous (from MailChimp). Pictaculous also queries popular results from Kuler and COLOURlovers with hyperlinks to these recommended palettes for additional reference. […]